Traditional winter pickles *Chinese cabbage

  • 2-3days
  • Vegan
  • ★easy

Dry out many Chinese cabbage in the sun and pickeled.

Before big snow season coming, My family prepare stock vegetables before frozen over our family garden. An annual pickles making in preparation for cold month.

Naturally fermented, easy to arrange for make Kimchee for example.

Traditional  winter pickles *Chinese cabbage


  • ・2 whole Chinese cabbage
  • ・Salt 3% of Chinese cabbage weight
  • ・2cmx2cm Kombu sea weed
  • ・1 dry chilli


  1. Prepare a conteiner for keep 3 head of Chinese cabbage


    It’s best to use medium size with some light green leaves

  2. Rinse the head of Chinese cabbage. Cut the head in quarter.
  3. Dry out about 1day for off the water contein


    This process take off the moisture, also benefit to nutritionally

  4. Measure salt 3% of weight of cabbage. Sprinkle the salt between the each leaves.Use more salt closer to the stems, where the leaves are thicker.
  5. Place on the container jam-packed. Put a weight top of the cabbage
  6. Let the cabbage rest 1 day
  7. Squise the salty water. Add whole chilli and Kombu sea weeds


    You can keep the pickles about 1 months in a fridge
    about 5degrees.


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