White Miso

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White miso

Every year around February, we prepare miso.

The cold weather does not easily damage the fermentation, in fact, slow fermentation makes more tasty miso.

It takes time to make koji and boil the soybeans, but the method is very simple and children can also make it.

Making miso in Nagano area

I visited a friend in Nagano.

It was around February.

“can you please help me a little today”

She  Said.

She took me to a community kitchen.

About 15 women gathered together and the steam for boiling the soybeans had already risen.

A stainless steel container with a large lid contained brown rice Koji that was prepared the day before. An elderly woman seemed to be the leader.

She said,

“ This Brown rice koji is not in the right condition. This is too weak for making miso, so let’s use it for something else”

“Boil a little more soybean”

Everyone worked together.

For a break, we enjoyed homemade cakes, rice crackers, and pickles, beautiful handmade snacks.

In Japan, everyone uses miso. The taste is different depending on the region, everyone prepares a year’s worth of miso in this way.

Miso recipes are passed on from an experienced mother to the next generation who remember it through actually sharing the experience.

White miso and red miso

Miso has different colors and tastes depending on the region.

White miso is made by boiling soybeans.

Red miso is made by steaming soybeans.

White Miso


  • ・1kg Soybean
  • ・1kg Rice Koji
  • ・400g Salt

How to make koji


  1. Wash the soy beans soak them in water and leave them for 24 hours.


    Soybeans are dirty wash them well

  2. Boil the soybeans on medium heat for 3 hours while removing the scum.


    If you want make red miso, Steam the soy beans

  3. Drain the water and mash the soybeans (keep the boiled juice) with a potato masher.


    If you like smooth miso, you can use a food processor.

  4. Break the lumps of salt and Koji.
    Mix well with salt.


    Sea salt is the best one for making miso.

  5. Disinfect the Tupper ware box with boiling water.
    Sprinkle some extra salt on the bottom, throw miso balls, and stuff it in the Tupper ware box while removing the air. Make sure there is no air in the box
    Cover the rice with cling film and Sprinkle salt on top of the cling film


    to prevent bacteria from entering

  6. You can spread kelp if you like instead of the cling film.
    It is matured in about 6-10 months.
    Miso keeps for few years



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